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Simple Steps to Login to Your Avast Management Console

Avast Login at or and Manage Avast Account to Manage Services like Avast Activation, Billing Information etc.

Avast Login

Avast Antivirus is a family of internet security applications developed by Avast. It is a security protection that never quits. To maintain the immense scale of threat protection Avast have created one of the best most extensive cloud-based protection software.It is a complete tool which gives protection against threats from the internet, email, your local files, P2P connection, instant message and much more. Avast antivirus protects infection for several types of computer threats including those that are not technically viruses.It thoroughly provides these services –

• It has on-access protection from viruses and other malware.
• It is developed with “heuristics engine.”
• To hide alerts it has silent mode features.
• Runs effortlessly on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
• Long history of excellent virus protection.
• It has layered cybersecurity for small and medium businesses.
• Avast Antivirus provides real-time protection, intelligent threat-detection, added security for your network, password and browser.

Avast Antivirus has a huge cloud-based machine learning which receives a constant stream of data, which helps learning at incredible speeds. Amongst any other security services Avast makes artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster.Above all, there are several types of threats including those that are not technically viruses,Avast also prevents these actions. There is a section called security information in Avast Login Account which gives you a summary of protection for each device.Most noteworthy is that it also includes several important tools to keep your security system free from hackers. It gives security to your computer or website from threats and viruses. Avast can save you from cyberattack and malware.

Avast Login account is a device management portal provided and operated by Avast. It is available for all of the Avast users whether they have paid subscription or a free version. You can access Avast Login Account from anywhere. Benefits of Avast Login Account –

By accessing Avast Login Account you are able to see all your devices, licenses, activation codes and purchased products.
You can also easily add more devices and share your license(for multiple devices).
You will be able to manage your subscription and easily cancel auto renewal subscriptions.
Avast Login Account is also the first place where you need to go when your Android devices with Avast installed got stolen or lost.
By accessing your Avast Login Account you can perform several actions to mark your devices as lost and get it back.

Avast Login Account comes with simple and easy user interface. The great thing about Avast Login Account is to manage multiple devices from a single portal. In case if you are a registered Avast products on multiple devices using multiple email addresses, you can pair these devices and email addresses to your account. It lets you see all the licenses in one place and you can see license validity and expiration date for each device.Furthermore, if you get a new device in the coming days and want to remove an old one, then you can easily remove the old device from the account. This is simple go to the device overview page, choose settings and delete from the account. Hence, Avast Login Account is web portal by which you can manage your multiple devices from a single portal.

What is an Avast Account?

In order to avail the benefits of Avast Antivirus, you need to have an Avast Login Account. It is a web portal which is designed to help you manage all your Avast subscription. You can easily Download and check the details of your licenses for Avast products. Avast Login Account enables you remotely control your devices with the Anti-theft features. Avast Login Account is not created automatically with the email address you use to make a purchase or register for a free product. You have to create an account manually. In case if you registered with your Avast Account with the same email address user during your Avast product purchase, your license appears in your Avast Account automatically.

Creating an Avast Login Account

In case you don’t have a Login Account yet, you can create one anytime by visiting and click Register to sign up. Here is detailed instructions:-

• Open your preferred internet browser.
• Then, Go to and click Register.
• After that, type your email address and a password, retype your password again.
• Now click Create New Account.

1. When your account is created, and a confirmation email is sent to the email address you provided, a success notification will appear.
2. You can alternatively, click Login with Facebook or Login with Google to use your existing Facebook or Google+ account credentials.

• Check your email inbox for a new message from Avast with the tagline: Please verify your email address.
• After that, to verify your new Avast Account open the message and click the link.
• Furthermore click Continue to go to the welcome page of your newly created Avast Account.
• Now, your new Avast Account is created successfully. You can manage all of your Avast licenses and software.

Recovering Password of your Avast Account

In case you have an Avast Account already and you have lost or forgotten your password then you can restore it with simple and easy steps:-

• Open your preferred internet browser and go to the
• Click on Can’t access your account?
• Then, enter your email address and click Send.

1.If the system reports This email address does not exist in our system that means that the address is not yet registered for access to the Avast Account portal.
2.Simply create a new avast account for this email address.

• Now, check the inbox of your email account and open the email from Avast with the tagline Forgot your password?
• After that click Reset Password link to reset your Avast Account password.
• Then, select a new password and enter it twice.
• Now, click Change Password.
• When your password is changed you will get a success notification and directed to your Avast Account.

Link Your Avast Product with Your Avast Account

In case if you already have Avast Login Account then you can link it with your product (subscription) easily. You can do it for your Windows and Mac computers.

To link a paid version of Avast Antivirus with your Avast Login Account:-

• First of all, open the Avast Antivirus User Interface.
• Now, click Menu and select My licenses.
• After that, select Log in to your Avast Login Account.
• Now, enter your login credentials and click Log In.
• And for Alternative options click Login With Google or Log In with Facebook to use your existing account credentials.
• When the confirmation message appears click Continue.
• When you log in to your Avast Login Account your subscription will now be displayed on the My Subscription screen.

To link Avast Security for Mac with your Avast Account follow the instructions:-

• First of all at the top-right of your screen to open the Avast Security interface, click the Avast icon in the menu bar.
• After that select the Account tab.
• Then type your credentials and click Login.

1. And for alternative you can use your Facebook or Google+ account credentials by clicking the relevant button.

• When you are promoted, then type your Mac password and click Install Helper.
• When you log in to your Avast Login Account your subscription will now be displayed on the My Subscription screen.

Consequently, logging in Avast Account enables you to manage your subscription from anywhere. Using your Avast Login Account you can see all your devices licenses, activation codes and purchased products. You can add more devices and share your license for multiple devices. This enables you to manage your subscription and easily cancel auto renewal subscriptions.As a result, Avast Login Account is available for all of the Avast users whether they have paid subscription or a free version. What makes Avast Login Account so popular that it comes with simple interface and you can access it from anywhere.

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